Alexa has a new skill – Celebration Bar Review Tips!

Before even purchasing an Amazon Echo some thought had already begun way back when it was just a demo video of it’s pending release. I wondered what I could make Alexa do for Bar Exam students. My partnership with Celebration Bar Review goes back about 18 years now. When I first consulted with Jackson Mumey it was to build out his new home office with a T1 connection and fibre between his first floor and second floor. It quickly turned into “what can I do for you in tech” and a close friendship between his family and mine began. We worked together to start streaming his Bar Exam courses and then eventually digitize them and place them in the iBooks and Amazon Kindle store. Along the way we moved the audio of the course to iPods, Apps and eventually even to a fully functioning shopping cart enabled learning management system. If their was a way to put the content out there for consumption we were bound and eager to try and leverage it.

So today we are happy to announce that if you have an Amazon Echo, or needed one more excuse to get one, you can load the Celebration Bar Review skill from the “Skill” menu in the Echo App. Once loaded it is as simple as saying “Alexa, ask Celebration Bar Review for a tip” and Alexa will happily read you 1 of over 130 tips randomly selected from the app. It is a great way to start your study day. It is even a great way to learn some law tidbits if you are not even studying for the Bar Exam.

So go ahead and load up the new Alexa skill and start learning some law facts! If enough people want to know I would be happy to make a blog on how I built the Alexa skill.