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Apple Mesh Wireless

Apple Mesh Wireless So if you are following home networking trends you will notice things like the Netgear Orbi, Google Wifi, Luma, eero and others hitting the market as "mesh" home networks. This is different from the old/current extenders you may be using. With...

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Kali Dual Boot On MacBook Pro

So I spend as much, if not more time, in Kali in a VMWare Fusion VM than I do the actual MacOS when doing a portion of my job. So being a long time Mac user and also a long time (probably longer) Linux user I am accustomed to dual booting. I never decided to dual boot...

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WooCommerce Display Max/Min Price Only

I use WooCommerce for several sites I have built for myself and for customers. Everyone wants it to show things differently than the default it seems. My latest request was for a large content learning site that has variable pricing for each course depending on when...

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My heartbleed demo

Recently I was asked to present a live hack in front of an audience and I decided go back in time to the heartbleed bug. I say back in time but actually many sites are still vulnerable believe it or not. Little recap on what heartbleed is. For a brief history of...

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