Trend Micro has announced an update to the Cloud App Security suite. For those of you not familiar with the Cloud App Security suite it covers Office365 applications as well as Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. It provides sandbox integration for email and API based non-interruption of mail flow with Office365 mailboxes. Each of the product protection points in the suite are protected from malware and can also have DLP policies enforced.

Trend Micro has shown that protecting the Office365 exchange environment as an add-on to the existing protection that Microsoft provides has resulted in an average 10,000 user-based customer an additional 3000 known malware and 300 unknown malware being stopped!

Add to this the additional protection against email fraud and business email compromise (BEC), Trend Micro has stopped an additional 14,000 fraudulent emails missed by the Microsoft protection alone just in the last 30 days. Now with better malware protection, Trend Micro Cloud App Security has added the XG backed predictive machine learning engine to the malware scanning. This is resulting in more blocking of unknown malware than signatures alone would catch.

If you are a customer of Microsoft Office365 you should really check out Cloud App Security from Trend Micro.

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