OfficeScan to Apex One SaaS IpXfer

So I figured I would write a quick post about another method for moving your on-premise Trend Micro OfficeScan XG SP1 agents over to your new Apex One SaaS console.

So you can easily do this following the instructions at this link. That is great for using the "Move Agent" method.

But what if you wanted to script the move with IpXfer. IpXfer is used often in on-premise server moves for the agents. Typically you would run the command on the endpoint that you want the agent to move from one console to another after you have built the new console. That said I had not seen any documentation on using IpXfer for moving an endpoint agent from on-premise OfficeScan to Apex One SaaS.

First you need to grab the IpXfer.exe or IpXfer_64.exe depending on the architecture of the endpoint you want to move. These files can be found in the OfficeScan server folder \PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\IpXfer.  Copy the appropriate version to your endpoint or reference it from the share itself.

Now go to your Apex Central SaaS console. And click the Administration and then Server Registration link from the menu. This should present you with a view similar to the image below.

Write down the server name listed for Apex One. You do not need the http or anything after the com. Just the DNS.

Now from the endpoint that you want to move to the SaaS service open the command prompt and navigate to the directory you copied the IpXfer.exe over too and run the command with the following switches.

IpXfer_64.exe -s <enter your Apex One URL here> -sp 443 -p 443

So this is telling the endpoint to move itself from where it points to for OfficeScan now to the DNS server name as denoted by the -s switch and use the Secure Listening Port of 443 (-sp) and the Server Listening port of 443 (-p) as well.

If you wish to add debugging to this on your first run to test it out you can add -dbg 1 at the end of the command.

After you run this several things should happen. First you will see the agent go through the updating process and then disappear from the System Tray. You will also notice that the endpoint will remove itself from the list of endpoints in the OfficeScan console and add itself to the endpoint list of Apex Central SaaS. You may still see the endpoint running OfficeScan but that is because it is upgrading the agent. In a short while the agent will disappear and reappear as Security Agent instead of OfficeScan. It will require a reboot but the system is still protected between install time and reboot. If you want to make this even more transparent to your user you can navigate to your Apex One SaaS console and open the Global Settings menu and uncheck the "Display popup when a restart is required".

Hopefully this helps someone trying to migrate using the IpXfer program from an on-premise OfficeScan console to Apex One SaaS. Keep in mind also that the OfficeScan console and endpoint should be at XG SP1.

Written by:

Matthew Chapman