Podcast coming soon...

Yup, you read that correctly. I am venturing into the podcast realm. The focus will be on Cybersecurity (of course) and my intention is an interview driven format. I am sure that we will also joke and carry on so be sure to tune in. I will be posting the podcasts here as well as to all the relevant podcast services for consumption. A video of the podcast will also be uploaded to the YouTube channel.

Besides interviews with members of the industry I will also be looking for anyone wanting to demo a product or talk about it. The product needs to be Cybersecurity relevant, of course, and not so much a sales pitch but a how-to and why you need it.

As part of this effort I have already secured some people for interviews but I am open to more. Reach out and lets discuss how you can be a part of the podcast. You can contact me at matt.chapman@mac.com with the subject referencing podcast.

Written by:

Matthew Chapman